‘Crew, Squad and Club Special’ Training Diaries from KinEli

KinEli Diaries with your club logos and athlete names on the cover

G’day, Hi and Hello

Our KinEli Publishing training diaries have been selling to athletes around the world for more than a decade.

One unique product that we can offer you and your members are our diaries with a difference, our unique .......

‘Crew, Squad and Club Special’ Diaries

    * The same great features:

    * Easy to use

    * 52 weeks of space

    * Can be started at any time

    * Pages for your key sessions.

    * Pages for your weekly summaries

    * Race results

    * Your goals and much more

    * A user friendly A5 size

    * Durable wire-o-bound format

    * Tough laminated covers

    * And more

    * (Check out how the internal pages look via this link)

    * Or copy and paste the following webpage.



Some samples!

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Branded and individually named diaries for:

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So KinEli crew does this mean we’ll have to order a gazillion diaires?

No, not at all.  If you want to order a gazzillion we’ll be happy to oblige!

So how does it work then?

First things first.. We’ll work with the the right person in your club using your logos and design to put together the cover to you are happy with.

If you want to individually name the diaires we’ll get you to send over a list of their names.

What about cost? A gazzillion dollars a diary?

No not even half a gazzillion!  

The cost is THE SAME as our regular individual diaries.

To give you an idea this is what our regular diaries cost:

Customers from New Zealand $25nzd (New Zealand dollars)

Customers from Australia $27.50nzd

Customers from rest of the world $30nzd

If you order more than twenty diaries at a time then discounts can be applied.

Do we have to order a gazzillion then or pay you some huge fee?

No and no. There are NO fees and you don’t need to order a huge number. Just TEN. We can do less than ten but the costing will be more than the prices shown.

And remember all the costs shown above always include all delivery charges from us in New Zealand to wherever you are in the world!

Is it just clubs you do this for?

No, we’re more than happy to make up diaries for any sort of triathlon group: triathlon internet groups, training squads ,coaching groups etc.  are more than welcome to get diaries done.

OK we’re keen what now?

Easy peasy, just drop us a line at info@kineli.co.nz  and we can take things from there and remember there is no cost  or obligation to set things up.

 With best wishes

Ken Maclaren and Ali Hollington @ KinEli Publishing