Check out these features of all KinEli Publishing Training Dairies

Check out these features

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That’s not all, see also our ‘world famous’ personalised and named diary range.

The Picture Special Training Diary  - any of the above diaries with your picture and / or design on the cover.

The Club Squad and Crew Special Training Diary - any of the above diaries, produced for your club or training group with your picture and / or design on the cover. We can also add individual names.

And one more thing - delivery cost is included in the price shown.

KinEli Publishing Training Diaries

Training logs for athletes

A training diary (training log book) is one of the most important tools for any athlete. Keeping records and tracking your progress and performances can help you to plan your future more effectively.

Our current training diary range has diaries for the following sports and activities. If you want a diary for your sport just get in touch because we can probably make one!

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Our current diary list

Yes, yes we know there are numerous online and pc based training diaries that you can use - but for some of us a paper training log is still the way to go.

Training Diaries @ KinEli Publishing

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